“Why is vaginal bleeding glorified but not runny noses?”

from My Period Blog

[warning: cissexism]

I found this comment online and want to respond to it: I seriously have to wonder why vaginal bleeding should be so glorified, and not say, runny noses.”

I think there are three reasons why some women celebrate menstruation:

1. To counter the shame (and silence) of menstruation: Most women who are “glorifying” periods are doing it to counter the shame (and silence) that society puts on menstruation. Our society sees menstruation (and particularly menstrual blood) as absolutely gross. Societal taboos make periods something that women have to go through silently while hiding all evidence (for instance, most women are too embarrassed to use a hot water bottle at work, or to say “I have menstrual cramps” when calling in sick).

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