10 Tips for a Healthier, Happier, Eco-Friendly Period

I’ve been wanting to write a blog on periods for a while now because this is a topic that is very close to my heart on several levels. You might be thinking “Why would menstrual periods be close to ANYONE’S heart?!” Well it’s true and I’ll tell you why.


am i right, day 1 is the pits, let’s get this show on the road already!


am i right, day 1 is the pits, let’s get this show on the road already!



This idea initially became implanted in my mind after seeing the “Cup U” documentary and I’ve recently been coming across a lot of information regarding feeding the earth with menstrual blood. It’s perceived as the only blood sacrifice that does not require death. The concept of feeding the Earth with blood is not new, it’s a practice that’s been used throughout history and blood is commonly used in modern agriculture. Here’s a piece that resonated with me:

"Traditionally Native American women went to a moon-lodge while they were bleeding and bled onto moss, sitting on the earth. They consider the relationship between women and the earth to be very important, and this relationship is nurtured by bleeding onto the earth. When women do this they have a direct cellular connection with the earth, which grounds and centers them.

When I was first introduced to the idea of bleeding onto the earth by a friend of mine I thought it sounded a little silly, a little pretentious. But I started doing it tentatively, and began to feel a flicker of connection to something very old. One of the problems I had was figuring out how to do it. Native American women used to sit on moss in the moon house. Where was I supposed to sit and bleed? Even if I went and found a nice piece of earth to sit on, I didn’t want to stay there for the whole time. Then I started using cloth pads to absorb my blood and soaking them in water before I washed them. I realized that I could pour the soaking water onto the earth. So now that’s what I do. The water is a beautiful red, and I pour it onto the ground around plants, and the act of doing this fills me with a feeling of connection, of rightness, of being at peace with something that is often neglected in modern life. Simple acts of value, simple knowledge.

It’s like chopping wood, rocking a baby, baking bread, drinking from a fast flowing mountain stream. It’s one of those acts of being a human being that is timeless, of eternal value, part of the steady round of life and death. The cells that die in my body, that are carried in the menstrual blood, are food for the earth. What dies gives birth. What dies feeds those who live and will live.

If I ignore my blood I get distanced from this knowledge. I fear and dislike my blood–for without the knowledge that it too is food, that it too is a gift I bear, then I see it as purely loss. A waste of blood, a waste of time, a baby that wasn’t conceived. Whether I desire pregnancy or not, my blood is always a gift. And it is a gift in a literal sense, as well as a psychic gift to myself. It is a gift from my body back to the earth: the mother that has fed and nurtured me every day of my life.”

-Lara Owen


Best Exercises for your Period


might fix her up a bit later but shes basically done for now!!
you are not a robot pt. 1 acrylic on bedsheet by nemu nemu


might fix her up a bit later but shes basically done for now!!

you are not a robot pt. 1
acrylic on bedsheet by nemu nemu

In my world


we don’t have to put our period problems in “read mores.”


Camp Gyno (x)


Series 3 - Niagara Falls.
© Rosie Briggs


Series 3 - Niagara Falls.

© Rosie Briggs

CUP U. (2011), a 15 minute medical and philosophical documentary about menstrual cups by vanessa tolkin meyer.

warning for cissexist language

Food For Cramps: 10 Natural Ways To Heal Your Period Cramps (And 5 Foods To Avoid)

If you’re looking for ways to avoid over-the-counter drugs, eating healthy and drinking fluids is one way to help ease painful periods.

"Try to have a mixture of everything. In terms of fighting cramps and PMS, 80 per cent of it is nutrition. Stick to foods that are natural, low in sugar, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy whole grains, and nuts and seeds," says nutritionist Kathy Smart of Ottawa, Ont.

(Source: periodpositive)

Femmycycle cup review!


There aren’t any femmycycle reviews (or posts,apart from my own) on tumblr, so I’m excited to spread the word about this cup! The cup looks very different to the other cups out there. I’ve had to take my own pictures, since it is a fairly new unknown cup, I’ve had to take my own pictures, apart from the first.image


image It is a very wide, but short cup. (I have tiny hands!) But it folds into just about the same size as any other cup, if not the tiniest bit bigger, although you can only use the ‘C’ or ‘U’ fold with this cup, due to how soft it is. However, it is still small and but it looks threatening. I’ve been using lubricant to help me insert it and that’s worked well. 

The first thing thats different about this cup which you’ve probably already noticed is the little funnel. It is there to help prevent leaks, and boy, it does just that. I was skeptical but excited about this cup because I noticed that even when I was playing about with it in my hand, it bent very easily and the rim never seemed to hold a good circle, like this, when I squeezed any part of the cup the rim moved.imageBut fear not. It DOES NOT LEAK. I’ve tried to get it to leak and it is just not doing it. Personally, my cervix sits kind of in the dip of the rim, like it does with most cups, which makes leaks more common. This cup does not have little air holes so it only uses the air trapped inside while folding it to stay in place. Let me tell you, the rim idea is amazing.The cup doesn’t open up fully and it still works.

I was really impressed by this cup. Like… Very impressed. It won’t even leak if you hold it upside down. UPSIDE DOWN! image

 Normally I have a little bit of blood on my pads (I use cloth pads, savin da urth bro). But it’s not enough to soak through, in fact it’s less than discharge but since blood is bright, it obviously shows and stains. This normally happens when I don’t form a perfect seal, which I’m normally too lazy to do, so when I get a leak (hardly ever since I’ve had a cup) it’s normally my fault. 

HOWEVER, I did have a little accident with it. At home, thankfully. It is VERY soft, so soft that they recommend that you don’t boil it and use other sanitizing options like vinegar, so for someone who is very active, I wouldn’t recommend this cup for busy days. However, moderate exercising like walking running swimming would be fine. Just not anything that involves sudden movements. I was playing with my dog. Wrestling to be exact and I /felt/ the cup move. I ignored it and continued to play with my 150lb dog. And BAM, shorts ruined. It was a blood clot that hadn’t gone down into the cup yet, it’d stayed on the funnel, and it must have slid out when I moved. I did go running with it and there was no problems at all.


  1. Super cool awesome mega super chocolatey rim that fights leaks and kicks their annoying little booties
  2. Large capacity, suitable for those with heavy flows and a low cervix. On a heavy day you can still wear it for a full 12 hours
  3. Ring makes it easy to grab and remove.
  4. The rim makes it literally impossible to make a mess when you remove it
  5. Easy to dump the blood without any mess
  6. Easy to rinse out the cup due to the smooth surface


  1. The ring is a little too low, too big, and although it is flexible and doesn’t cause discomfort, you can still feel it. It’s a bit of a waste to have such a big ring, it’s really not needed. 
  2. No grips, so you cannot cut the ring off. I certainly wouldn’t recommend cutting it.
  3. You need to replace it more frequently, once a year, compared to other cups that can last up to 10 years.
  4. Less convenient to wash
  5. More expensive than other cups, especially since you need to replace it every year. 
  6. Tricky to insert

In conclusion, although I really like this cup, I would not recommend it to people who have not used cups before. But if you have used cups before and you are confident, try it if you are having problems with leaks, it may be the cup for you.

I think this cup is a bit of a hidden gem. No one knows about it, and all the reviews I can find are in different languages. Please take the time to look into this cup, it is worth a try. :)