Anonymous said: every time I get my period I vomit nonstop. is this normal



(While it is normal to experience nausea, if you’re vomiting this much, you should see a doctor.)


Hand-drawn menstrual cup insertion technique diagram from one of my lovely followers, cocomine. 
I personally prefer the “pushdown fold” because you get a smaller tip for insertion, but it does have the tendency to spring open on you before you’re ready if it’s slippery. I never had much luck with the “U fold” though.


Hand-drawn menstrual cup insertion technique diagram from one of my lovely followers, cocomine

I personally prefer the “pushdown fold” because you get a smaller tip for insertion, but it does have the tendency to spring open on you before you’re ready if it’s slippery. I never had much luck with the “U fold” though.


Cloth Pads Review

Hi gang! As some of you know, last year I took the plunge and brought some cloth pads. I know you can make them, but I was worried I’d stuff them up and they wouldn’t work right so I went online. I did a lot of shopping around, as many companies make them, but I ended up on etsy! I wanted to support individual people not companies. So anyway, I spent ages looking through them all, because trust me there is a huge variety, and I ended up with this etsy seller, because I liked the way they layered the pads and the fabric options. Because if you think there is hella variety of pads in the supermarket, well, it ain’t got nothing on the cloth pads! There is a type for every situation.

I went with a basic set, 4 regular absorbency pads and 4 liners. I got them made in tacky rainbow zebra print and a cute green snake print (reminds me of Slytherin) respectively. They cost me, with shipping, $44.

Some relevant background on me: I have long term problems with my reproductive system, so I bleed for very long periods of time, and very heavily. I also have very sensitive labia majora as well as enhanced sensitivity inside my vagina from my health issues. I normally have to spend $35-$50 dollars per period on disposable pads and tampons.

The pads arrived within 2 weeks of ordering, which I was thrilled with! They were very soft, and very sturdy with press studs to hold them closed. The seller also included an information sheet with basic cloth pad care and use which was fantastic for a newbie like me. My pads had a waterproof bottom layer and highly absorbent middle layers sandwiched between flannel, and my panty liners were the same, minus the water proofing and one layer of absorbency.

I’m going to do a pro and con list to try and cover as much ground as possible now.

Pros of cloth pads:

  • They paid themselves off within 2 cycles
  • They last up to 7 years with good care
  • They are tough and easy to clean, you can literally throw them in with your regular clothes in the washing machine on any cycle. You can line dry them, tumble dry them, dry them on a clothes horse. 
  • You don’t need to soak them. The detergent will get rid of the blood. The most I ever did was on my very heavy days, I would rinse them with cold water before putting them into the machine.
  • Here’s the thing- THEY DON’T SMELL AT ALL.

Because as people who have periods know, almost all disposable pads and tampons reek to high heavens. It really sucks because it smells so much you get paranoid everyone can smell it, not a nice feeling. I’ve worn a cloth pad all day and no smell at all period wise, they just smelt like a normal pair of underwear at the end of the day. Because there are no chemicals inside the cloth pads, the blood doesn’t react with anything!

  • On that note, they are very quiet too! Another problems us menstruating people face is the embarrassment of having to quietly open a pad or tampon in a public toilet. Urgh, I hated that. I felt like. i may as well yell out HEY GUESS WHAT I’M MENSTRUATING EVERYONE. Cloth pads sound like you’re just fiddling with your pants/skirt whatever. Mine are silent except for the small sounds the press studs make, which isn’t much sound at all.
  • Cloth pads are adjustable. So throughout the day as you need you can move them forward and backwards as many times as you need and it wont affect the pads ability to stay where you left them. So you can move them to the back if you’re going to be laying on your back at night, no more bloody sheets!
  • Because they are made from fabric and chemical free- you will have happy genitals! I have no issues with my genitals anymore, I don’t get swollen and red and sore. My labia are happy labia! 
  • They feel like you’re just wearing underwear.
  • The blood gets sucked into the middle layers, so you don’t feel gunky and wet.
  • You can get special waterproof bags to put them in if you’re out and about and need to change- because of their design you can fold them up into very small cubes with the water proofing on the outside, nothing leaks! And again they wont stink up your bag/pocket/wherever you store them.
  • They really are durable, mine have had a year now of heavy use, and they are still just as absorbent and comfy as they first time I used them.

Cons of cloth pads:

  • They do cost more upfront.
  • People will become judgy mcjudgepants when they find out you use them (be prepared to be called a filthy hippy and be told to go back to the dark ages,a lot)
  • some of the thicker pads are more noticeable when you wear them with super tight bottoms, like leggings (liners barely show though!)

So there you go…. I think the pros and cons speak for themselves.

It’s been over a year and I have saved so much money, my genitals are happy, the earth is happy, and I have raved about them so much, my younger sister wants me to buy her some for christmas!

Seriously people, if you menstruate, look into cloth pads. You can get them in so many cute prints and styles to suit every need.

thanks so much for doing this review!


What the hell Tampax?



What the hell Tampax?

Anonymous said: Is it ok to wear tampons over night? Because I can't access pads and I don't want to ruin a bed.



(You really should not be wearing tampons overnight, leaving them in for more than six hours is ill-advised. At the least, put toilet paper down on your panties so that it is a makeshift pad.)

divasdishblog said: You mentioned you wanted opinions on the Diva Cup. Here's a review I did a few months ago: divasdishblog,tumblr,com/post/80533878935/the-diva-cup. My biggest fault with it is that it discolors quickly and is fairly inflexible. It also only lasts a year whereas other brands like Lunette or Meluna have a longer lifespan.


Would anyone be interested if i did a review on my cloth menstrual pads?


I’ve been using them for over a year now so I can talk about how they hold up over time as well as everything else about them.

yes, very much!

Can anyone offer me opinions/stories/advice on Diva cup?

i’ve reblogged a lot of relevant content if you want to check out my menstrual cup/diva cup tag

Anonymous said: I've had my period for 15 days and it was really heavy at first but recently it slowed down but I'm still bleeding. My mom wants to go to the doctor's but I feel like it's unnecessary since there's no pain. I was just wondering if you or anybody reading this can help me out. I just wanna know if I should worry or not.

you should definitely go to the doctor about this. i don’t think you need to worry, per se, because stressing out about it won’t help but at the same time, this could be symptomatic of a serious medical problem.


repeat after me friends: 

  • vaginas are self-cleaning
  • there is no such thing as a dirty vagina
  • unless you have an infection 
  • in which case  your vagina still isn’t dirty but you should really go see a doctor 
  • but yeah
  • vaginas aren’t “clean” or “dirty” they’re self-cleaning acidic muscular tracts 
  • so fuck off

Anonymous said: im 12 years old and i have had 4 periods. When i go onto blogs like yours i see heaps of things about cramps. i haven't gotten any but my back kills. is this normal?

a lot of people experience back pain during menstruation, it’s a pretty common and there are lots of tips online (just search google, you should get a decent amount of results) for helping to minimize or get rid of back pain.

that said, if you are experiencing excruciating pain to the point where you feel really terrible or to the point where you can’t participate in your normal daily routine, you should talk to your doctor about it, in case there are any more serious underlying causes.