Menstruation Cramp Tip:

If you are experiencing period cramps, try pressing/massaging the two dimples on your lower back near your tailbone for a while. A lot of people find this to be helpful with relieving menstrual pain.

(Also drink a lot, this helps with thinning your menstrual blood which means less work for your uterus when getting it out. And a hot-water bottle on your abdomen can work wonders.)

lately i’ve been seeing a lot of negative opinions about this blog and it makes me question what i’m doing. i think i’m doing a good thing.

i’m not trying to force this blog down anyone’s throat. some people experience dysphoria from menstruation or have other medical issues that mean they will never be able to feel positively about menstruation and that’s fine.

but i’m tired of the message that my body is disgusting for a few days every month. menstruation is NOT any more disgusting than any other bodily function.

i shouldn’t have to feel gross and ashamed about my body during this time and neither should anyone else, whether they are a woman or a man or a person of any gender at all (or lack there of).

if you don’t think the stigma is real, then why do i receive dozens of messages from people on a regular basis who are too ashamed or embarrassed to talk to even their parents or a DOCTOR about issues regarding their cycle?

people constantly invalidate the opinions of others based on their menstrual cycle, “oh if you’re upset about this, it’s just because you’re on your period” or “periods make people so crazy!!” everyone goes through hormone cycles, not just people with periods. cisgender men have a hormone cycle, too.

i do not want to generalize any cultures at all, so i won’t. there are some cultures where periods are treated as dirty and people are expected to isolate themselves during that time, but that has not always been the case, not by any means. in other cultures, menstruation is seen as a symbol of power. so if your argument is that “it’s gross, it’s always been gross. it’s just natural to find it disgusting, so stop trying to prove it’s anything else” then you are just plain wrong.

i’m not asking anyone to start celebrating their period if they don’t want to, but please stop shaming anyone who tries to reject that stigma. this is a form of body positivity, just like any other. please stop trampling all over that.

Natural remedies for menstrual symptoms



For herbal alternatives to painkillers for period cramps putting sage leaves or sage, rose or lavender essential oils in the bathwater can help, as can massaging the oils (diluted appropriately with a carrier oil) onto the cramping area. So can drinking sage, ginger or raspberry leaf tea.

Diet wise flax seeds eaten regularly can reduce production of the hormone responsible for the painful cramps. Also taking B vitamins and the following mineral supplements or eating foods high in these minerals regularly can reduce cramps: zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium, however you absolutely must check with a doctor before increasing your intake of potassium and magnesium as for people with certain conditions they can be very dangerous. Try to eat foods that will keep your blood sugar stable like whole grains and avoid refined sugar as much as you can because steady blood sugar will also reduce cramps. Ginger helps as its a natural anti-inflammatory and there’s a good chance turmeric will too for the same reason though  it hasn’t been tested for its effects on period cramps.

Mood swings can be helped by evening primrose oil (which also helps with skin problems) but that’s something you should check with your doctor or a qualified herbalist (if you go to a health food shop like Holland and Barrett’s they’ll give you this advice for free). They can also be reduced by lavender, chamomile or other calming and comforting scents and drinking chamomile tea.

Blackstrap Molasses is also great as a remedy. It’s high in Iron, Copper and Calcium. It has a really low sugar content, and it tastes great mixed in savory foods. Adding a tablespoon to tomato soup is handy (and delicious), since the Vitamin C in the soup will help the Iron absorb into your body better. Plus it’s nice and warm, so that helps.


The Power of Blood
Menstrual blood used to be revered for its power, creativity, and healing properties. Now it’s stigmatized as dirty and shameful.


The Power of Blood

Menstrual blood used to be revered for its power, creativity, and healing properties. Now it’s stigmatized as dirty and shameful.

Anonymous asked: I don't know if you a answer questions or what but I was late on my period btw I'm not like 11 I got my period in November around that time of 2013. my flow was SOOO light I didn't wear pads to bed or anything. that lasted 5 days and never came back. ever is this normal? I'm embarrassed to ask anyone

i’m going to say if you got your period for the first time in Nov 2013, not getting it again is not something to stress out about. most people’s cycles are out of whack for the first couple years and it’s normal for it to not become regular until later on.

that said, you should NOT feel embarrassed to talk about this kind of thing!  if you are feeling nervous about things like this, you should always bring them up to your doctor. believe me, doctors work with this stuff every single day. it’s their job! they are not going to think you’re weird for bringing it up and if they do you need to find another doctor because you should be feel confident in talking to your doctor about ANY health issues whatsoever.

if you have any questions in the future, please don’t hesitate to message me again. :)








Note to feminists: periods are not beautiful or wonderful. They ARE gross. It’s blood coming from your lady parts. It’s gross. It’s messy. It’s uncomfortable.

this was a great contribution to the tag thank you

Lol like feminists have periods too? Being a feminist doesn’t magically grant you a reprieve from menstruation.

Ummmm what? Lol

You’re telling us like we don’t know this.

Some people don’t, man. Have you heard of free bleeding? I don’t recommend looking it up. It’s something you can’t unlearn. *shudders* and some feminists (many from my experience with them) think that “periods are gross” statements are sexist and a feminist issue.

From what I’ve actually seen, most free-bleeding is done at home in comfort. People sitting on a black towel, while reading a magazine, not having to worry about social standards. Most other reports are by people trying to gross out others. Or people with menstruation kinks.

I think in a way menstruation can be considered a feminist issue, but not in the way that most take it. The conversation about it needs to be more opened, and not the hush-hush it can be. Not because opening the conversation up is empowering necessarily (because not everyone finds it empowering, or even wants a period), but because keeping it under covers does not help anyone. People don’t get the medical or emotional help they need with menstruating if there is no conversation. Many people still don’t know how to use a tampon, how to tell the difference between hell-cramps or a bursting appendix, or that there are alternatives to disposables that save money. Not to mention the lack of such conversation in developing countries, that result in poor healthcare and in many cases death. Easily accessible dialogue about menstruation is good. Of course, if people don’t want to read or talk about it, they should have the ability to opt out. Luckily, we have tagging on Tumblr, for that.

However, the over-glamorization of menstruation, as you mentioned, is an issue. There’s often a lot of cissexism and ridiculousness accompanied with the over-glamorization that goes unmentioned or thrown away. The process is not pretty; it’s gory, it’s a hassle, and quite self-destructive. The human need to menstruate constantly (a feature unique to humans, as even the other great apes can suppress and control their menstrual cycles) comes from our violent anatomical processes, and it does not need celebration. An individual can see their period as a glorious signal of sparkling femininity, but they must understand that not everyone agrees, and the issues with their perspective (one being that not all menstruating people are men, and vise versa). It’s also a really privileged way of thinking, on top of that, especially since the stuff I mentioned in the paragraph above usually goes unmentioned.

Saying “periods are gross” is not necessarily sexist (it can be, depending on the speaker, but it is not inherent). Suppressing and censoring the ability to say anything about periods whatsoever is undoubtedly sexist, especially when there is a great need for it. That’s a message that gets lost in the mayonnaise of Feminism.

I don’t know if this reblog was needed, but here it is.

i really like your blog, looking through it, and i also think your response is very well thought out and reasoned, but i do have a bit of a problem with the bolded region.

you’re right, menstruation is absolutely not something that needs to be celebrated. for some people it will always be something that is associated with pain or dysphoria and there is nothing wrong with those people whatsoever. and yeah, a lot of “celebration” regarding menstruation is focused on cissexist ideas of how menstruation is a sign of “womanhood” (although to be quite frank, i don’t think this is particular to “feminist” menstrual celebration, i think most people are equally as cissexist as them because of how or society is, they’re just not as vocal because they don’t talk about it)

so yeah, no one should ever be forced to celebrate it at all, but (if it’s not clear from my blog) i think if people feel like celebrating their own periods whether through art or other means, that is another form of body positivity and that’s a positive thing as long as it’s not done in a way that is cissexist. yeah, they are a bodily function and that’s all, but so is sex but there doesn’t seem to be a problem in our culture with the celebration of orgasms, or at least not anywhere near as much as menstruation is considered taboo.

i’m just posting this because i thought your response was really interesting and i wanted to share my point of view, but please don’t feel like this is meant to attack or “correct” you, just another perspective

Tampons for Pets



How can you tell when your pet is menstruating?

Cats, along with any other mammal usually kept as a pet, don’t menstruate. They have estrous cycles, not a menstrual cycle.

If a pet is experiencing vaginal discharge from being in heat, however, there are animal diapers on the market to stick on them.


why aren’t tampons called period plugs

valid question

Anonymous asked: Does anyone else like to sleep with a pillow between their legs on their period instead of underwear and a pad?

i don’t personally do this, but that does sound pretty comfortable, now that you mention it…


Pro tip for those with periods: cold water gets fresh blood out of underwear super well